Who Can Condemn Us?

God is so good that He protects us in the face of attack. Romans 8:33 “Who can bring a charge against God’s elect? God is the one who justifies.” God is perfect in judgment and he declares us guilt-free! Who could go to God and say, “Even though you have declared someone righteous, I find fault with them and therefore you must find fault?” It cannot be done. We cannot be charged guilty by anyone after God passes a not-guilty verdict.

Romans 8:34 goes on to state, “Who can condemn?” Jesus was the one who was condemned for us. In fact, Jesus is sitting at God’s right hand interceding for us! What better position can we be in? We cannot be accused or condemned by anyone after the Great Judge pronounces us free!

The strangest part of this is, if we cannot be accused or condemned, why do we do it to others? We rejoice in God’s wide-open arms toward us, shouldn’t we do the same for those God forgives and welcomes? Think about that. What if the church forgave and welcomed into their heart everyone that God forgave and welcomed? That church would be transformational.

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  1. Nice job – to the point message and good key words. Kudos.

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