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My Apologies for Boring You

I know I am boring. People tell me all of the time. Not with their words of course, but with their body language. The worst part is that they do not try to hide it. We may be walking together, or standing in a group and the bored person is looking around for something or someone better to occupy their time. I feel that I am standing alone, a fixture, taking up space. Wondering if I were to try a conversation, would it fall cold and dead on the floor? If I were to suddenly disappear, would they notice? But, I am sure they would notice because my presence is a fall back for them. If they needed to say something, I would be listening. They would not want to be standing alone. That would be weird.

It happens every day. They are looking for a better thing on their cell phone. When my presence is less important than chasing dots on the screen or seeing another cute doggie picture, I understand my place in the attention hierarchy.

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