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Destined to be Conformed

Romans 8:29 states that God has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son. God has a lofty goal for us. Do we walk like, talk like, act like Jesus? It would be glorious to walk in that power of God. We need to be conformed to that image.
How is clay formed into an image? The clay has to be pressed into all the of the details of the mold. If the clay is stiff, there is a lot more work to get the clay to form into the pattern. If the clay is soft, the process is much easier.
The question for us is, how stiff are we? It seems to me, the more stiff we are, the harder the Master has to push on us to get us to conform to the image of Jesus. We need to be workable in the Kingdom. The harder we are to be shaped, the more painful the shaping.
So, whenever we are being pushed, we need to allow ourselves to be sensitive to the Spirit’s nudging. Unfortunately, sensitivity is not easy to come by. We can be self-willed, and stubborn, demanding our rights.
I do not like the pain in the pushing. Today I commit to being soft in the Master’s hand!

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